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Recent Posts

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There are many spots you can place your ad on MN Progressive Project. If you’d like a custom location not mentioned below, just ask … we’re glad to help figure out what works for you and on your budget.


You can place your ad to the right of MPP’s banner. Maximum dimensions are 600 pixels wide by 99 pixels high.

1 week: $120
2 weeks:   $200
1 month:   $350

Rotating Ad

At the top of the far right column, you’ll notice our rotating ad. Maximum dimensions are 200 pixels wide by 271 pixels high.

You can be the only ad (no rotation)

1 week: $80
2 weeks: $120
1 month: $200

Or can be one of the rotating ads:

1 week: $40
2 weeks: $80
1 month: $120


Content Column Banner

If you would like your ad to be below the banner and above the top post, maximum dimensions are 590 pixels wide by 90 pixels high.

1 week: $100
2 weeks: $150
1 month: $250


Although day-to-day traffic varies, MPP has averaged approximately 67,000 pageviews per month since October ’09. There are currently more than 3,500 registered users on the site, of which approximately 500-600 access the site regularly. As a community-driven site, our content is produced not only by our core group of frontpage authors, but also by our community members, approximately 30-50 of whom regularly write posts.

These numbers represent the most driven, knowledgeable, and active of the progressive activists across Minnesota.

More complete traffic statistics are available upon request.


Blogads (http://blogads.com) is a third-party service that offers several features to both advertisers (you) and publishers (us), including easy tracking of ad campaigns across multiple sites, and a simple ad creation interface. However, Blogads allows the advertiser to create ads in a relatively small number of shapes and sizes, and do not allow banner ads of any kind. On MPP, Blogads appear in the rightmost sidebar starting beneath the MENU blox. Rates are as detailed on MPP’s Blogads.com page.

To set up an ad in one of these spaces, you’ll need to do the following:

Create an advertiser account on http://blogads.com
Log into your new account
Click BUY BLOGADS in the left sidebar
Filter the list down to MN Progressive Project (you can do this by clicking ADVANCED SORTING, selecting MN as the state, then clicking DISPLAY. This will allow you to find MPP much more quickly)
Select MPP, click CONTINUE, then create your ad. We can help walk you through the ad creation interface if you require assistance.

Once these steps are complete, there’s nothing more for you to do — your payment goes to BlogAds, they take their 30% cut, and we get paid when our total revenues hit a certain threshold.


Joe Bodell
(c) 952-465-5096

Eric Pusey
(c) 651-503-3062

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