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Will Chip Cravaack Keep His Promise To Hold Town Meeting In Duluth?

by keewatinrose on August 24, 2011

Rep. Chip Cravaack has been under fire in recent days for repeatedly refusing to hold a town hall in the largest city in his district. Today, Cravaack, confronted by a group of angry constituents, agreed to hold a town hall at the Duluth international Airport at 4:00 pm Wednesday.

But whether the town meeting actually occurs seems to be in question. Cravaack’s Duluth office denies knowing about a town hall in Duluth tomorrow and refuses to comment further.

The location of this promised town hall is also uncertain. As of 2:15 pm, the Duluth Airport Authority reports that they have not been contacted by the congressman’s staff. Furthermore, the schedule shows the banquet room at the airport, the Skyline Room, is booked by the restaurant for an event from 3 to 5pm tomorrow.

The only other possible venue at the airport, Monaco Air Duluth, also has not been contacted by Cravaack’s office.

Did Chip Cravaack once again lie to his constituents in the Northland? Will this prove to be yet another empty promise?

We’ll let you know tomorrow.

Update 3:10 pm: The manager of the restaurant now confirms that the Skyline Room has been reserved for Cravaack from 3-5 pm. The confusion stemmed from the unusual way in which the space was reserved. The Airport Authority maintains the reservation book and meetings are typically booked through them. Only events involving food or a bar are booked through the restaurant. In this case, Cravaack decided to by-pass the Airport Authority in favor of the restaurant manager,a personal friend of a Cravaack staffer, who then simply requested the space for an unidentified event.  An 8th district congressman choosing to leave the director of the Duluth Airport Authority in the dark as to a public meeting being held on the premises is as outrageous as it is inexcusable and serves as yet another reminder that we really don’t matter to New Hampshire Chip

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