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Latest Bachmann lie: Obama told me Obamacare will eliminate Medicare

by The Big E on August 12, 2011

On the eve of the Republican Presidential Debate in Iowa, Michele Bachmann told a doozie of a lie.  She now claims that President Barack Obama personally told her that the Affordable Care Act would eliminate Medicare.  This assertion is so preposterously absurd that its hilarious.  But this lie is also a part of a patten of behavior by Bachmann.

The pattern of her behavior shows that she is so separated from reality that there can be only two conclusions:

  1. She cynically makes stuff up to fit her far right, christian evangelical narrative in which she is battling The Ultimate Evil.
  2. She actually believes the lies she tells and we must conclude that she is insane.

BACHMANN: A couple of months ago I was in the White House with President Obama. We asked him three times, ‘what’s your plan to make Medicare solvent.’ He mumbled around and didn’t give answer…he said, ‘Obamacare.’ And so what senior citizens don’t realize is that President Obama’s plan for Medicare is they will all go into Obamacare. There won’t be a Medicare going forward under President Obama.
(Think Progress)

Let the debunking begin.  This should get her another “Pants on Fire” rating at PolitiFact.

Senior citizens probably don’t realize they’re about to be forced off Medicare and onto the Affordable Care because it’s patently not true. The health reform law doesn’t eliminate Medicare, not by a long shot, as Bachmann should know since she voted for the House Republican budget, which makes fundamental changes to Medicare decades from now – long after Obama would have supposedly ended it.

The Affordable Care Act did find $500 billion in savings in the future growth of spending over 10 years – which happens to put Medicare on much better financial footing – which conservatives have unfairly conflated with benefit cuts, but saying that this equates to eliminating the program is bold new heights of mendacity, even for Bachmann.

Moreover, Bachmann’s dishonest fear mongering is eminently ironic considering she was up in arms about “liberals…trying to scare Americans about Medicare, and especially senior citizens” during the debate over the House GOP budget.
(Think Progress)

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