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Why Won’t Chip Cravaack Pay His Bills?

by keewatinrose on July 18, 2011

Congressman Chip Cravaack refuses to raise the debt ceiling so America can pay its bills and he apparently doesn’t feel its important to pay his bills either.

The 2010 ‘personal responsibility’ candidate’s FEC report reveals an unpaid bill to a New Jersey law firm for $32, 550.30,  with the notation “under dispute”.

Monday morning I spoke with Jeffrey Neu, president of Neu and Associates. He stated they served as legal counsel to the Cravaack campaign, providing advice on a multitude of issues: reporting requirements, contribution limits, strategy, election day data, etc

Neu confirmed that Cravaack has an unpaid bill, but indicated that the amount listed in the FEC report is incorrect. He declined to elaborate, citing their upcoming arbitration. He did say that Cravaack has not paid him one dime for his services nor has Cravaack provided an explanation as to why the bill has not been paid. An arbitration meeting has been set “in a couple of weeks”.

A friend reminded me of an exchange between Sam Donaldson and Ronald Reagan during the 1984 campaign. When asked about Mondale’s charges, Reagan replied “Well, I think he should pay them”.

And so too should Chip Cravaack.

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