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GOP invites anti-gay ‘minister’ to give opening prayer to MN legislature (UPDATED)

by rachel_nygaard on May 20, 2011

In a surprising move, considering the GOP insists that the anti-gay marriage amendment is not about hate and discrimination, ‘Reverend’ Bradlee Dean was invited to give opening prayer in the Minnesota House of Representatives today. Dean is known for his hate-filled fiery rhetoric, calling the ‘execution of gays moral’ and “on average, gays molest 117 people before they’re found out”.

While the opening prayer in the Minnesota legislature is supposed to be nondenominational, a fact that Dean acknowledges, he goes on to list only Christian denominations of faith. Going on to infer that President Obama is not Christian. “This isn’t about the denominations but rather the head of the denomination and his name is Jesus, as every president and up until 2008 has acknowledged.”  
State Representative Karen Clark (DFL – Minneapolis) and State Senator Scott Dibble (DFL – Minneapolis) responded to Dean’s presence.

“In my 30 years in the House, I have never seen such a hateful person be allowed to deliver the opening prayer,” Rep. Clark said. Bradlee Dean has a documented record of hate speech, and has suggested that extremists who call for the execution of American gays are morally justified. The decision by GOP leadership to allow his intolerance, fear and outright bigotry into the ‘people’s house’ is reprehensible. Minnesotans are a peaceful, loving and caring people. It’s this spirit of togetherness and shared hope that the House of Representatives should strive to embody. The Republican leadership should be ashamed of themselves. It reveals the underlying hateful nature of the anti-gay constitutional amendment movement.”

“In this time of divisiveness, it’s disgraceful and appalling to see the Speaker of the House of Representatives — the body that is supposed to represent all Minnesotans — invite hatred into the opening prayer,” Sen. Dibble, a former House member said. “Instead of providing a message of inclusion and hope, the House began this day with hate and discrimination. Mr. Dean has a long and well-known record of intolerance, something that should have no place in the legislature, let alone in a prayerful blessing. This morning’s action is a sad commentary on House Republican leadership’s apparent ambivalence for supporting the equal rights and beliefs of all Minnesotans.”

Speaker Zellers apologizes for house prayer.

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