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Bill Would Ban State Grants To MN Nonprofits

by Dan Burns on April 14, 2011

I’m beginning to wonder whether there’s some kind of competition going on, among conservatives in the Minnesota legislature, to see who can introduce the most preposterous piece of idiotic right-wing extremism onto the agenda.  There’s a bill to criminalize taking pictures at commercial animal facilities.  And one to replace health care personnel with electronic baby monitors.  And it seems that a proposal from State Sen. Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson, pictured) would ban state payments to non-profits.  Are they all trying to impress Michele Bachmann (it seems to be men, so far, that are coming up with the real whoppers), or what?  Regarding that last one:

Banning state money from going to nonprofits would be a big deal. Keep in mind, as Brown explains, nonprofits are often the delivery mechanism in communities for carrying out budget and policy choices of the state. Plus, government grants are a really significant resource for many nonprofits, she said.

The 2,000 nonprofit members of the organization deliver a wide spectrum of services in areas such as health, housing, food, employment, legal and civil rights advocacy, education, volunteerism and other human services.

From a psychological perspective, this makes sense.  To true free-market believers like Newman, fear and greed are the only compelling human emotions; nonprofits don’t tap into those, so they can’t really be effective.  Not to mention that many are associated with left-leaning politics, or, at least, not those of the hard-line far right.

Newman is the guy that, a while back, refused to meet with representatives of groups from his district that supported his opponent before the election.  It seemed like pure pettiness,  but I’d suggest it might also have to do with him getting nervous talking to anyone but his fellow right-wingers, because when he does, his cognitive shortcomings become so obvious, by comparison.

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