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Former Congressman Rick Nolan considering run at CD8

by Joe Bodell on April 12, 2011 · 2 comments

Former Congressman Rick Nolan is running for the seat held until recently by Jim Oberstar, according to a report from Lakeland Public Television.

Nolan last served in Congress in 1980, representing what was then the Sixth district. I’m working on finding a map of what that district looked like, but it was thirty years ago — district boundaries in rural and (what is now) exurban Minnesota were very, very different. We’ll be getting in touch with Nolan today to touch base on his venture into the CD8 race.

Update: Here’s what the state’s congressional district boundaries looked like when Nolan represented the 6th district:

The Sixth stretched from the southwest corner of the state into northwestern Hennepin County and included what where then sparsely populated areas in Stearns and Wright Counties. Interesting stuff.

Update x2: Apparently this is the wrong map. From a reader:

Rick Nolan’s  old 6th district went from the top of western  MN down to Montevideo and Marshall area. St. Cloud was the major city.  Vin Weber and Hagedorn represented parts of the district in the 80s, Minge and Peterson in the 90s and now parts of 8th, Bachmann and Peterson’s district.

Update x3: Apparently this is the correct map. The reader appears to be referring to the map that took effect after the 1980 census.

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