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Today’s Example Of Why Reasonable People Cannot Reasonably Believe What GOPers Say: Screenshots

by TwoPuttTommy on April 12, 2011

OK, I saw two things – first, an excellent YouTube over at the Cucking Stool, “And yet, they call it slander”; the second, a Tweet from Mitch Berg:

Both of ’em have one thing in common:  Mitch Berg, whom I wrote about (well, more than once) back in Sept. o’  ’09 in a post entitled “Mitch Berg – The Poster Boy Of Why Reasonable People Cannot Reasonably Believe republiCons”.  

In that post, I awarded a “Slimed by the MOB” (see right) to MnPP Contibutor BearBud, for – and I quote:

Since there are laws concerning public nudity, it’s safe to assume MNBearBud doesn’t run around “bare butt” – that Bootlicker Berg, once again, is simply making (stuff) up.  What is fact is there is plenty more that clearly demonstrates Mitch Berg is completely unreasonable; has a history making stuff up; has and will continue to keep taking the cheap shots.  IOW, that Berg is a complete (@rse)hole; he can’t help it – it’s simply who and what he is.  And for his latest rant directed at MNBearBud, MNBearBud is hereby awared a badge of honor:  “Slimed By The M.O.B.

I digress.  In the latter tweet, Bootlicker Berg talks about a screenshot; we’ll talk about them.. In the first thing I saw, Spot’s Excellent Video shows TeaBaggers wearing, well, “tea bags.”  And Bootlicker Berg has found referring to people that wear Tea Bags as “Tea Baggers” offensive.  Like, say, Mitch does in the following tweet:

Say, Mitch?  If ya didn’t wear Tea Bags, you wouldn’t be called “Tea Baggers.”  Mitch, bein’ a bootlickin’ republiCon, doesn’t think his type should be held personally responsible for the things they personally did.  

Which brings us back to the latter.  Up there in Mitch’s Tweet, he talks about holding some guy responsible, via a “screenshot.”  Well, Mitch can be held “responsible” via a “screenshot” too – let’s look!

Got that?  “…balance checkbook…”?

Here’s another one, from Berg:

Got that?  “…and I’ve raised income every year since 1993.”

See, Mitch is one o’ those ” gov’t can’t spend more money than it’s got!” kinda republiCons…. you know, like a “family does” (or, doesn’t)….

…and the proof is down at the ol’ Court House.

You see, on March 15th, 2004, Mitch was supposed to appear at the Court House, to answer a Summons And Complaint that he bounced a few checks (5, this time, to be exact) to a local small business around the corner from where he lives.  Here’s the exact Plaintiff’s Statement Of Claim:

“The Defendant (Mitch Berg) owes me $216.48, plus filing fees and costs because he wrote out 5 checks to our small business.  We allowed Mr. Berg to write checks to our establishment, even though he had bounced checks previously becuase he had made good on his debts.  But to no avail has he responded to these last 5 checks.  We called him and hand delivered letters of request for payment.”

Berg, of course, never showed up.  The Small Business that Berg stiffed, in early 2004, received a Decision Of Judgement for Berg’s bounced checks.

So, when did Berg finally pay off his just debts (i.e., bounced checks, circa 2004), even though (in his words) Berg has had “raised income every year since 1993”?

The document states:  “Satisfaction Filed – 25 Feb 2008.”

About FOUR YEARS later.

Not “bad” for a guy that, in his words, has had “raised income every year since 1993”?

So if and when Mitch Berg gets up on a TeaBagger stage this weekend and starts pontificating about how “Gov’t has to live within its means,  like a family does!” – you’ll know what a complete fraud Mitch Berg is – as well as those “Get Your Gov’t Hands Off My Medicare!”  Tea Baggers are, that allowed Bounced Checks Berg to get in front of their microphone.

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