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MN Rep. Rod Hamilton Protects Us Against Animal-Loving Bleeding Hearts

by Dan Burns on April 8, 2011 · 1 comment

Minnesota State Representative Rod Hamilton (R-Mountain Lake), who is the Majority Whip, has authored HF1369, which would govern “animal facility interference.”  Here’s an excerpt:

A person who acts without the consent of the
4.29 owner of an animal facility to willfully do any of the following is guilty of animal facility
4.30 interference:
4.31(1) produce a record which reproduces an image or sound occurring at the animal
4.32 facility if:
4.33(i) the record is created by the person while at the animal facility; and
4.34(ii) the record is a reproduction of a visual or audio experience occurring at the
4.35 animal facility, including but not limited to a photographic or audio medium;
5.1(2) possess or distribute a record which produces an image or sound occurring at the
5.2 animal facility which was produced as provided in clause (1);

(I left the line numbers in place, so readers can easily locate these passages within the text of the bill, if desired.)

The intent of this is to criminalize efforts to document appalling instances of cruelty, at sites ranging from puppy mills to piggeries.  Unlike those of a despicable conservative punk named James O’Keefe, such videos, in the past, haven’t had to be fictionalized, to achieve their intended effects.

I strongly suspect that a review of Hamilton’s legislative record would produce one of those despairing “How did this guy get into elective office, in a supposedly advanced society?” moments.

I was first alerted to this via Puppy Liberation Front, on Facebook.  

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