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It’s Deja Vu, All Over Again – Eden Prairie Republicans Want To Slash Meals On Wheels

by TwoPuttTommy on March 30, 2011 · 5 comments

Back in 2007, the Republican-controlled Eden Prairie City Council (led by the disgraced former Mayor, Phil Young) wanted to slash City funding to Meals On Wheels (along with other Social Services) – not because there was a budget crisis, but because (to GOPers) funding of Social Services isn’t a “core mission” of government.  The “I got mine, Jack” GOPers lost that fight in Eden Prairie – but as usual, they continue the war on the middle class and those in need.  The GOP – as a party – is doing everything it possibly can to protect their Boardroom Base at the expense of everyone else.  Today, they bring their battle to the state level, and are using GOPer State Senator David Hann to lead the charge.

As noted yesterday on MnProgressiveProject – “David Hann wants to cut Gramma’s Meals On Wheels so millionaires get off easy” – Senator Hann has introduced a bill in the state legislature that not only would slash state spending on Meals On Wheels, the cuts are so severe Minnesota would lose matching Federal funding.  Coverage of Hann’s draconian bill is receiving statewide attention.  From

A minor spending cut in a sprawling Senate health and welfare bill threatens home-delivered meals for thousands of poor senior citizens and could result in lost federal dollars.

The proposal from Republican Sen. David Hann of Eden Prairie would cut $2.68 million from senior nutrition program grants, costing Minnesota another $1.9 million in federal funds.  The grants help feed 70,000 seniors through Meals on Wheels programs and group dining in large senior housing facilities.

From the Marshall Independent newspaper:

Are wheels about to come off Meals on Wheels?
GOP bill would cut projected state spending on senior nutrition program grants in half

March 30, 2011 – By Per Peterson

MARSHALL – Monica Douglas, senior nutrition program director for Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, sums up the prospect of a cut to home-delivered meals in Minnesota with two words: sad and devastating.

The health and welfare bill designed to cut state spending by $1.6 billion over two years is expected to get a vote in the Senate this week as GOP majorities work to pass a plan to erase the $5 billion deficit. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Tuesday the bill would cut in half projected state spending on senior nutrition program grants to save $2.68 million.

Douglas said it would be a devastating blow to seniors across Minnesota.

“It affects a lot of people,” she said. “If they ended up cutting 50 percent of our state funding we would lose $232,731 and we would have to cut 35,805 meals out of our budget in more than just one location like Marshall.”

“Sad and devastating” indeed.

And not surprising; Eden Prairie Republican Leadership has wanted to whack Meals On Wheels for years.  David Hann is simply their current waterboy. They are cold-hearted conservatives; David Hann is simply delivering the hit.

And Hann is making a name for himself across the state.  For instance, consider the following Letter To The Editor in the Albert Lea Tribune:

Family metaphor just doesn’t fly
Published 9:24am Monday, March 28, 2011

I am sick and tired of Republicans such as Legislator David Hann of Eden Prairie (Eden Prairie!) claiming that the proposed cuts to Health and Human Services is what any family would do when adjusting their budgets.

Really? Not the families I know.

The families I know would not have Dad go on his annual trip to the Bahamas while his son, little Johnny, is told he will have to do without lunch for a year. Or if Johnny has an ear infection or is suffering from a fall, are we then to believe that the family decides no doctor care for Johnny? (more, here)

That letter starkly represents what today’s Republican Party’s Leadership is all about; why GOP today stands for Greed Over Principles: it’s because the GOP is asking for sacrifices from everybody but their Boardroom Base.

GOP Leaders – such as David Hann – believe in protecting the Boardroom at the expense of everyone else.

Especially little old Grannies, depending on one simple nutritious meal once a day.

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