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Winners and losers in ed funding bill

by Joe Bodell on March 30, 2011 · 17 comments

Courtesy of a reader who’s been looking at the education funding bill hitting the State House floor today, here’s what the GOP majority thinks passes for “fair.”

For all their bloviation about not picking winners and losers, the majority is doing a pretty good job of exactly that. Let’s take a look at what our eagle-eyed reader has noticed about per-pupil funding changes in different school districts:

Centennial Public Schools  +$109 per student (Runbeck)
Eastern Carver Co Schools  +$109 per student (Hope)
Rosemount Public Schools  +$129 per student (Bills)
Lakeville Public Schools  +$122 per student (Hoberg)
Wayzata Public Schools  +$101 per student (Doepke)
Elk River Public Schools  +$150 per student (Hackbarth)
South Washington County  +$150 per student (Dean)

Note the Republican districts are BIG winners.

Minneapolis -$399 per student (this is not a joke)
St. Paul -$376 per student (no, I am not kidding)
Duluth -$113 per student

Let’s take the economic engines of the state and stick it to …. the kids who live in those cities. Makes perfect sense, as long as your goal is to defund public institutions in areas represented by DFLers.

Senator Franken’s pronouncement (also intoned by our own TwoPuttTommy) rings loud and clear: Republicans run on “government doesn’t work,” get themselves elected, then prove it.

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