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Twin Cities Cravaack Targets Education Department

by keewatinrose on March 7, 2011

8th Congressional District Rep. Chip Cravaack joined fellow Tea Party conservatives Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI) and Rep. James Lankford (R-OK)  in an appearance “from their home districts” on Fox News’ Huckabee on Sunday.  

The problem is that Cravaack was in Minneapolis.

Several months of campaigning and three months into his term and Chip still can’t find his way to the district?

Or is he simply embarrassed by us, preferring to have the country believe he represents the folks in the big city?

Either would explain why his only office is in North Branch, located a mere 46 miles from Minneapolis but 110 miles from Duluth, 155 miles from Keewatin and 250 miles from International Falls.

And it gets worse for those of us in the 8th. During this interview, the “education is the key to success” Cravaack stated that the U.S. Department of Education is one of his targets for major cuts. Disturbingly, he apparently feels his experience as a PTA president makes him an expert in education policy.

Move over Michele, Chip is coming.

During the campaign, Cravaack accused Jim Oberstar of being out of touch with his constituents. Well, Jim Oberstar understood that education is important to the people of the 8th congressional district.  Jim Oberstar was proud to represent the people of the Iron Range and all of northeastern Minnesota. And Jim Oberstar sure as heck would never let the nation believe that Minneapolis is in the 8th congressional district!

Chip Cravaack has got to go.

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