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If you’re not a RightWingNutJob, you should never, Never, NEVER…

by TwoPuttTommy on February 25, 2011 · 5 comments

…eat at a Baja Sol Restaurant.

I saw the following tweet, which is mighty (cheney)in’ funny for several reasons….

Think about it – that’s Burrito Bridget, President of Baja Sol Restaurants and wife of Tony Sutton (a/k/a, “Taco Tony”, current Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party) saying it’s “libs” that always resort to name calling??!?

I always say “those that forget the lessons of history, tend to vote GOP” because of (stuff) like Burrito Bridget just tweeted.  Remember when Taco Tony called 13 former GOP state Legislators “quislings”?   Two of those 13 are veterans –  former GOP State Sen. George Pillsbury (World War II) and former GOP State Sen. Bill Belanger (Korean War).

And does anyone believe that Burrito Bridget didn’t intend to use the term “lib” as a pejorative?  

The target of that “lib” smear happens to be a guy on Twitter – @MattTorgerson – who is a self-described, and I quote, “…former Republican, now pragmatic independent…

So, in Burrito Bridget’s world, just like Taco Tony’s world, anyone that’s not a RightWingNutJob like them is a “lib” at best, and more than likely, a “quisling.”

Look, Burrito Bridget and Taco Tony can run their businesses and run their mouths anyway they want.  Bur freedom isn’t free, and there can/should be a price paid for said running of mouths.

That “price paid” should include those that Burrito Bridget, Taco Tony, and their ilk regularly smear  – somewhere near +/- HALF OF THE US POPULATION – never Never NEVER stepping foot into one of their Baja Sol Restaurants.  


Especially if you’re a member of a union, or if you support our Brothers and Sisters in a union.

YouTube of Burrito Bridget at the 2011 MN GOP State Convention, below the fold.
Bridget Sutton, President of Baja Sol

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