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House Republicans Move to Eliminate Vital State Agencies

by kendalkillian on February 12, 2011

Considering we have a $6.2 billion state budget deficit, you’d think the Department of Revenue and the Office of Management and Budget would be considered pretty vital, right? Tell that to Rep Keith Downey who has proposed a bill eliminating those and other key state agencies.

Jobs-jobs-jobs is the mantra on both sides of the aisle in Saint Paul. One state agency is actually known as the Department of Employment and Economic Development. But Downey wants to scrap that one too.  

In total HF 419 would eliminate at least eight state agencies. The bill then assigns the Commissioner of Administration, in cooperation with the Governor, to submit a reorganization plan to the legislature by January 15th of 2012.
Which departments would face the ax? The Department of Employment and Economic Development, the Department of Health, the Department of Human Rights, the Department of Labor and Industry, the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Rep Downey faces elimination in 2012.  

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