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Republicans attacking Carly Melin with violent imagery and lies

by The Big E on February 9, 2011 · 2 comments

Paul Jacobson is the Republican challenging Carly Melin in the 5B special election.  The MN GOP’s first piece of literature landed in Iron Range mailboxes yesterday.  And it’s chock full of violent imagery, violent language and lies.   Jacobson refused to condemn the violent imagery and language:

“This isn’t my piece; it’s the Republican Party’s piece … But if I was going to do a literature piece on this issue it probably would have been a little different,” Jacobson said. “It’s the party’s prerogative to do this and I don’t see anything that wrong with it.
[my emphasis]

In the wake of Gabrielle Giffords shooting, this imagery is inappropriate.  “Take Your Best Shot” plays up the idea that this is the Republicans best chance to take down Melin.  The hunter pictured here is aiming at a target that isn’t visible — is the target Melin or a liberal politician?  If the violent language and imagery isn’t enough, the lies make this piece of literature reprehensible.

The lies are on the other side of the lit which you can view below the fold.

Lie #1
A “Fake”.
“Melin just moved back to the Iron Range and may not be able to serve us.”

Republicans are implying that she doesn’t satisfy residency requirements.  This is a lie.  She moved home last summer and has been living there for more than the 6 months required by law.

Melin should be commended for returning to the Range.  So few young people do.  She lived in the St. Paul while getting her law degree from Hamline University.  Now she’s back home and determined to do good deeds for her community.

Lie #2
“Melin lives with her parents and has never owned property.  How can she defend our rights?”

Seriously?  By their logic, sleeping in the garage would make me a car.  

Melin has a degree in political science and is a freaking attorney, you morons.  I think she fully qualified to protect people’s rights.  Plus this attack harkens back to our nation’s ugly, racist past and the Republicans Southern Strategy.  Let’s take their ridiculous argument to it’s logical extreme: are only propertied slave owners eligible to vote?

Lie #3
Full Of Holes.
“Melin blindly supports the big government liberal’s bonding bills with more spending.  Will she join the anti-gun politicians, too?”

The Melin Campaign provided the following statement from Carly about gun rights and the 2nd Amendment:

“I fully support our 2nd Amendment rights. I have had a firearms certificate since I was 14 years old. I was grouse hunting on the outskirts of Hibbing this fall. My family enjoys the outdoors and I will fight to protect the rights of other familys who do the same.”

Their logic is similar to the moronic logic that

  1. Dogs bark.
  2. Dogs are pets.
  3. Cats are pets.
  4. Therefore…

  5. Cats bark.

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