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Pawlenty Video: Ridiculous, Desperate, Or Both?

by Dan Burns on January 25, 2011 · 2 comments

Check this out.  It’s a hoot.

Power.  Intensity.  Determination.  Ready to make the tough choices.  Ready to lead.  The one.  The only.  The man for the job.  Tim Pawlenty.

That’s what all the images and voiceover are ostensibly intended to convey. But the real message – and I’m sure that it’s a conscious one on Team Pawlenty’s part, as well – is that Tim Pawlenty is Ronald Reagan.

More below the fold.
Well, there’s not much question that in relative terms, TBag was as bad a governor as Reagan was a president – though, fortunately for Minnesota, the former’s foul legacy is unlikely to be as lasting as RR’s is for the country.  But this video is clearly about the man to whom the adjective “bland” clings like a barnacle, endeavoring to come across as the charismatic savior that the GOP, and the nation, have been longing for.  Bush II couldn’t finish the job and usher in the conservative century, but Tea-Paw will.

And I’d lay virtually infinite odds that Gutshot himself hasn’t the slightest comprehension of how preposterous that is.  Rather, it’s becoming more and more flagrant, just how conceited, and delusional, he’s become.  Or always has been.

I wouldn’t put it beyond Timmy, to come out, sooner or later, with an ad portraying his bland little mug explicitly morphing into St. Ronnie’s.  Unless another GOP presidential wannabe beats him to it.

BlueCollar Daughter noted:

…don’t overlook the flash of TPaw hugging the Downs Syndrome kid (0:55), when he is the guy who is responsible for gutting both healthcare and special education for kids JUST LIKE THAT.

Here’s more commentary, on this “dizzying assault of epic imagery.”

For maximum effect, you can watch the video at full size, on its YouTube page, here.

ericf January 25, 2011 at 9:30 pm

What struck me is how vapid this is. There’s a poundingly aggressive soundtrack mixed with non-contextual platitudes, and Pawlenty mixed with strong images, but it isn’t about anything. Some things are tough. Well. How nice.

This isn’t about anything. It says nothing about the candidate. This is a campaign desperately in search of a theme.If I was a Republican in search of someone who can beat Obama, I’d be wondering if this is it.Pawlenty seems to have nothing to run on. I guess president is the next line in the resume.

BlueCollar Daughter January 26, 2011 at 4:01 am

When I first saw it I thought it was a disaster movie trailer. Unfortunatey I think it really is.  

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