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Rep. Davids Introduces A Bike Tax

by Charlie Rybak on January 20, 2011 · 4 comments

Now that the MN GOP has taken over the Legislature, it’s good to see that they’re off to a good start cutting taxing and government regulation.  Starting, of course, by instituting a bike tax that requires every bike rider to carry a license when they ride.  

Rep. Greg Davids, the GOP’s new chair of the Taxes Committee, is really getting to work: He’s sponsored 15 bills already. I was initially impressed suspicious when I saw that number, and then I noticed this bill:
HF0024 – State trail bicycling pass required, and money appropriated.

The bill states that

a person 16 years of age or over shall carry in immediate possession a valid state trail bicycling pass. The pass must be available for inspection by a peace officer, a conservation officer, or an employee designated under section 84.0835.

Of course, the fee for the pass is $10 for an individual, with a $1 issuing fee tacked on top of that.  That amounts to an $11 tax for everyone hoping to ride the state’s bike paths. And once you pay the tax, remember that you are required to carry your license with you every time you go for a bike ride.

It’s great to see that the House GOP is already hard at work creating jobs for bike path police officers.

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