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Chip Cravaack: The Love Child of Michele Bachmann and Dan Quayle

by keewatinrose on December 1, 2010

It has been one month since the election and the people of the 8th Congressional District are only now beginning to get a glimpse of the real Chip Cravaack.

It is not a pretty picture.

Chip’s intellectual ability appears to be subpar as demonstrated by his inability to articulate a coherent thought. These recent Cravaackisms are but a tip of the iceberg:

I am not getting any earmarks for me.” (Mora fundraiser)

No one is going to protect it (water) more than us locally” (MPR)

I think it’s essential to get what people are telling us they need in Congress, not us telling them what we think they need. We need to listen to people in the Twin Ports.” ( Duluth press conference)

Anyone remember the great wordsmith and champion speller Dan Quayle?
In addition to his difficulty with the command of the English language, Chip apparently has no ability to think for himself. Virtually all of his positions on issues come directly from the Tea Party. This became glaringly obvious to all on a joint visit to Duluth with his Wisconsin counterpart Sean Duffy, who echoed Chip’s anti-earmark views and ‘wants versus needs’ mantra. It came as no surprise to those who viewed this Tea Party rhetoric written by Chip last April:

… job killing Cap and Trade bill that will shut down the mines and be a death knell to our struggling manufacturing industry, a Stimulus bill rife with earmarks and political kickbacks, and now a healthcare bill that funds abortions, limits and mandates care, promotes Euthanasia for our seniors, will increase our taxes and healthcare premiums…” (Duluth Politics Blog)

Chip’s devotion to the Tea Party is so strong that his first act in Washington was to back Michele Bachmann in her unsuccessful bid for GOP Conference chair.  Chip hasn’t even taken office yet but has managed to alienate leadership by aligning himself with someone so extreme she frightens members of her own party. Impressive.

Many Republicans in northern Minnesota view Cravaack as a ‘pretty boy’ Quayle-esque puppet brought in to capitalize on the anti-Obama, anti-Pelosi sentiment of the voters. Even they see Chip as a one-termer; he had relatively little personal support and was merely the murder weapon.

One thing is certain: this love child of Michele Bachmann and Dan Quayle is too extreme for the 8th Congressional District –  no matter where the lines are drawn.

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