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Elections have consequences: Brodkorb to lead redistricting for Republicans

by The Big E on November 11, 2010 · 7 comments

Now that the Republicans will be controlling both House and Senate at the Minnesota Legislature, the GOP is rubbing their hands with glee.  They get to redraw the state’s district maps.  To lead this effort, they’ve appointed their dirtiest hatchet man and former blogger Michael Brodkorb.

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton today announced that Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb will serve as the Party’s redistricting lead. Under law, the Minnesota Legislature must redraw lines for the state’s 201 legislative and eight congressional districts after the 2010 decennial census.

“I am very happy to announce that Republican Party of Minnesota Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb will serve as the Party’s point person on redistricting during the upcoming legislative session.  In this volunteer, yet critically important position, Michael will work closely with the GOP legislative caucuses and other interested parties on all aspects of redistricting to make sure our Party is well represented at all stages of this process.  During the most recent redistricting process in 2001, Michael did an outstanding job as the Republican staffer in charge of redistricting for the state Senate.  As an expert on redistricting, I know he will continue to do great work as the redistricting process unfolds in the months ahead,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton.

The man standing in the breach against Brodkorb gerrymandering even safer districts for Michele Bachmann, Erik Paulsen and John Kline is Mark Dayton.  Only Dayton can prevent Brodkorb from giving Chip Cravaack a fighting chance of keeping his seat in 2012.

One thing is for sure, the 2011 legislative session is going to be exciting.

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