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A kernel of truth in WSJ/NBC poll

by Joe Bodell on September 8, 2010

In line with all the conventional wisdom, the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that there’s bad news for the Democrats, good news for the Republicans, etc, etc.

But there’s an interesting tidbit a few grafs down in the writeup linked above: how many voters think the GOP will do anything different than they did during the Bush years.

the poll also finds that the Bush attack — “You cannot have the keys to the car back,” as President Obama likes to say. “You drove it into the ditch” — might not deliver the punch it did in 2006 or 2008. In the survey, 58% believe that Republicans, if they take back control of Congress, will have different ideas than Bush’s, versus 35% who think they will return to Bush’s policies.

It can’t be emphasized enough — after two election cycles in which virtually all incumbent losses were on the GOP side and virtually none were on the Dem side, virtually all Republicans left in Congress served during the Bush years, enabling that administration’s worst excesses, conceits, and unlawful acts. There is still no grand “Contract with America” to tell anyone how today’s GOP is any different from yesterday’s, last year’s, or last decade. These are still culture warriors of the worst sort – those in safe districts who don’t really need to care about hurting their fellow Americans in their blind pursuit of power.

Nevertheless, I mentioned that there’s probably a kernel of truth in the “I think the GOP would be different than during the Bush years” statement. Today, they’d be a lot more

  1. xenophobic
  2. over the top in favor of their corporate donor base
  3. brazen in their attempts to destroy the Middle Class
  4. willing to villify huge swaths of the American public so they can shut down the federal government and hold hearings about how the President prays

than they ever would have been under President Bush. The list goes on. Hopefully their insanity won’t. No holding of breath, however, as we at MPP don’t want any lung injuries on our consciences.

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