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Did Postage-Stamp Paulsen Really Send Out ANOTHER Mailer?

by TwoPuttTommy on April 16, 2010 · 3 comments

As noted here, Erik Paulsen has received notoriety for excessive spending on taxpayer-paid mailers not only in a Strib Letter To The Editor, but across this great country – from the Baltimore Sun to the Witchia Eagle to the Las Vegas Review-Journal to the…. well, a LOT of places.

And as noted in a subsequent post entitled “Erik Paulsen And The Times-News Editorial”, Paulsen was taken to task in an editorial in the Hendersonville, North Carolina Times-News.

Once again, here’s the “money quote” from that editorial:

The idea that a representative would use as much as one third of his office budget, money meant to be spent in ways that benefit constituents, on thinly veiled re-election entreaties, is unconscionable. It’s an inappropriate use of the funds, and it presents an unfair advantage for incumbents.

Such spending should be eliminated. If politicians want to send glossy, self-promoting pamphlets about themselves, they can pay for them themselves.

Well, according to a report today from Tom Scheck of Minnesota Public Radio, Paulsen’s re-election committee has more than $1 million in the bank.  So, certainly – Paulsen can afford to pay for his “thinly veiled re-election entreaties” himself, through his campaign war chest.

But, what did one dedicated reader claim to get in the ol’ mailbox, just the other day?

ANOTHER taxpayer-paid mailer – on Health Care Reform!!!

Calls to verify date of mailing to press people at Paulsen’s local and W.D.C. offices were not returned; nor was a call to Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards.

Stay tuned!


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