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Today’s Example Of Republican Hypocrisy: Donations

by TwoPuttTommy on March 4, 2010 · 35 comments

The other day, the MN GOP got its undies in a bunch over some money Charlie Rangel (D-NY) gave to Minnesota Democrats Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison, Tim Walz, and Al Franken.  According to MudSlingerMike’s spokestool Luke Hellier at Minnesota Democrats Exposed, here’s the breakdown:

Donations To Minnesota Democrats From Rangel’s National Leadership PAC:

Tim Walz Received $15,000 In 2006 & 2008. (, Accessed February 26, 2010)

Al Franken Received $10,000 In 2008. (, Accessed February 26, 2010)

Keith Ellison Received $7,000 In 2006. (, Accessed February 26, 2010)

Betty McCollum Received $5,000 In 2000. (, Accessed February 26, 2010)

Now, there’s a reason I always say “Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP” – and here’s today’s example.

Everybody here remember ol’ Smokescreen, who was essentially court-certified as The Fourth Most Corrupt Senator?  Well, Big E sure does; after all, Big E chronicled Norm Coleman over at  The Norm Coleman Weasel Meter.

And here’s a cut ‘n paste about merely one example of some really, Really, REALLY tainted dough ol’ Smokescreen, who was essentially court-certified as The Fourth Most Corrupt Senator, took:

Norm Coleman got dirty money from Alaska
The Big E’s picture
Submitted by The Big E on October 5, 2007 – 11:40am.

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) has received $6,000 from VECO Corp executives. Norm may complain about Al Franken getting Hollywood money, but Norm is flush with dirty Alaskan oil money.
VECO founder Bill Allen and former company vice president Rick Smith have pleaded guilty to bribing public officials. They also admitted running a company “special bonus program” that steered money to favored candidates, violated federal tax laws and sent untold amounts of corporate money into political coffers.

Coleman’s office said his campaign books were closed and the money was already spent.  (

OK, “Coleman’s office said…”  Hmmm – I wonder who at Coleman’s office said that?  Thank God for google!

Coleman spokesman Mark Drake said the Minnesota senator is rejecting Democrats’ calls that he donate to charity an amount equal to the $6,000 that his campaign got from Allen, Smith and two other Veco executives on July 9, 2002, because that money “has been spent and is not an issue.”  (

Hmmm…hmmm…Mark Drake….Mark Drake….  Hey! Is that THIS “Mark Drake”??!?


Mark Drake
Communications Director

So, the same “Mark Drake” that defended Norm Coleman over campaign donations,  is now the Communications Director for a GOP that is demanding that some Democrats do what Coleman wouldn’t??!?

This stuff can’t be made up.

“Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP”

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