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Senator Klobuchar on Bill Press: “I Will Not Sign the Public Option Letter”

by BearBudMN on February 25, 2010

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar just completed an interview on the Bill Press Show on 950 AM.  During her talk this morning she stated that she is for the “minor” public option in the House Bill for Health Care Reform, but she is not going to sign Senator Bennet’s letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring back the strong public option in the Senate Health Care Bill.  Senator Klobuchar is in favor of using reconciliation to pass a final bill.

Senator Klobuchar apparently is not on the same page as Minnesotans.  Sen. Franken has done his part by signing the letter, but Klobuchar states she will not because she feels it is not good for Minnesota.  Once again Senator Klobuchar is letting Minnesota down and I think we should say something about it to her.

As President Obama’s Health Care Summit starts up today, we need to let Amy know that Minnesota wants her to sign the letter.  Amy needs to do what Minnesota wants, not what she wants or does not want to do.  The news that she will not sign the letter to Senate Majority Harry Reid is maddening and we need her to change her mind.

Minnesota progressives and those who want real health care reform need to contact Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office today and tell her that we want her to sign the letter and support a strong public option.   Make sure Senator Amy’s office hears from everyone today.

Contact Amy Klobuchar today at her Washington Office.  The toll free number is: 1-888-224-9043.

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