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RightWing Rhetoric From The Freeloader Foundation

by TwoPuttTommy on February 11, 2010 · 8 comments

I read the Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation’s newest “report” – and I put “report” in quotation marks, because….well, because it isn’t a “report.”  It’s RightWing Rhetoric, designed to get their benefactors more of what they want – which is a smaller tax burden.  The “report” claims that folk are fleeing the frozen tundra for areas that, and I quote:  “taxes are lower (especially income taxes), union membership is lower, population density is higher, the cost of housing is lower, and the weather is warmer.

Yeah, “right.”

I checked in with my brother, a graduate of the University of Florida (Go, Gators!!!) and an appraiser with many years of experience in that state’s real estate market.  His reaction?

“Yeah, ‘right.'”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Florida is in a bust (it’s beyond ‘bear’) market.  Go google “florida population decline” and see the hits you get – I did.  My brother merely confirmed what I already knew; that the Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation Minnesota was merely tryin’ to sell some more of that ol’ RightWingSnakeOil, referred to as VooDoo Economics by Bush The Elder (before Uncle Ronnie took him to the woodshed).

If folk are fleeing the frozen tundra due to excessive taxation (and that’s a BIG “IF”), the fact is they’re fleeing Florida ’cause The Republican Recession put that state’s economy in the cr@pper.

Well, this state’s economy, too.

OK, The Republican Recession put the whole (cheney)in’ country’s economy in the cr@pper.  And those GOPers dam near melted the world’s economy, too.  Essentially, all those years of GOPers in the driver’s seat ruined everything.  But, that’s a tangent.  Back to the  Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation Minnesota’s “report.”

Last night, while sitting in as Guest Host at AM 950 Radio, I ripped that “report” – because it is indeed bogus – and had Jeff Van Wychen from call in to give his thoughts about the Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation Minnesota’s “report.”
Jeff’s findings?

Well, Jeff said that the Freedom Foundation has done progressives a favor by identifying yet another negative trend that has hit Minnesota during the Pawlenty years: out-migration.

Specifically, Jeff talked about how since 2002, under Gov. TBag, Minnesota has “led” the nation in terms of cutting taxes, fees, charges, and all other “own-source” revenue (poperty taxes?  THAT is another story, for another day).  This being the case, out-migration in Minnesota should have diminished in Minnesota over this period – if the premise of the Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation study is correct (i.e., that high taxes cause people to migrate)

Except, during the period when Minnesota was experiencing net in-migration (1995-2001), Minnesota had higher total taxes and higher income taxes relative to the rest of the nation than they did during the period when we were experiencing net out-migration (2002-2007).  Clearly, high taxes were not the driving factor in the migration pattern.  You see, just as Minnesota was doing exactly what the Freedom Foundation now wants to do – AGAIN (cut taxes), Minnesota began experiencing negative trends in terms of out-migration and other areas.

Ruh-roh.  The Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation’s own “report” blows a big ol’ hole in the Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation’s own “report”!

Then, there’s this, according to an email Jeff sent me:

Based on the Freedom Foundation study, one of the states that Minnesotans are migrating to is California.  California has higher total taxes and higher income taxes than Minnesota.  It is clearly weather, not taxes, that is driving this migration.

Hey, that’s what The Appraiser told me about Florida, too – it’s the weather!!!  Oh – and best be retired.  Why?  Because it certainly isn’t the abundant, high-payin’ jobs that are causin’ tundra-trudgers to MOVE to Florida; it’s the LACK of abundant, high-payin’ jobs that are causing Floridians to LEAVE Florida.

I was brought up being told, often, that if you have to make stuff up to make your point, your point isn’t worth making.  

Somebody ought to tell that to the RightWingNuts over at the Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation.

Not that they’d pay attention; that’s NOT what they’re paid to do and as everyone knows, these days GOP stands for GreedOverPrinciples.

So these days, groups like the Freeloader “Freedom” Foundation are paid to put out cr@p like that last “report.”

And expect more “reports” just like ’em; after all – that’s what they’re paid to do.

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