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What IS Mike Parry hiding?

by Populista on January 1, 2010 · 1 comment

As Sally Jo notes that Mike Parry, the GOP candidate in the State Senate District 26 special election, scrubbed a bunch (33) tweets from his Twitter account after progressives on Twitter noticed his account and some of the things he had said.

What exactly is it that Parry attempted to hide from us? Well, when I saw these I decided to take some screenshots in case he did what he just did. Here’s some of the most interesting ones.

As Eric Austin said

Do you always refer to someone’s race when you call them arrogant or is that just something you do for black people?

But his bigotry wasn’t finished yet.

Real classy. This was the day after the NYTimes published an editorial on the Matthew Shepard Act and a week after it was passed in the House. So I’m assuming when he says “pedophiles” he means anyone who is part of the GLBT community. I guess wanting to be able to be yourself and not be brutally murdered isn’t something Mike Parry is for.

Gays? Black people? Pssh. Mike Parry doesn’t need no stinkin’ political correctness. Except, I guess he does now. First he ran away from the GOP’s extreme platform and now he is running away from his bigoted beliefs. And those are only two of the thirty three tweets he decided would hurt his prospects and thus tried to hide from the voters of SD26. Luckily I captured most of them before he could scrub them and I’ll be posting them in the coming days. Some teabagger conspiracy theories, more anti-Obama stuff and other general craziness. More on all that in the coming days right here on MN Progressive Project.

But if you don’t want a bigot to be serving on the taxpayers dime at the Capitol then I recommend donating to his opponent, Jason Engbrecht. As of last night he was just $150 away from qualifying for public financing. So what are you waiting for? Donate!

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