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Was Mary Kiffmeyer Lying Then, Or Is She Lying Now?

by TwoPuttTommy on November 17, 2009 · 3 comments

I’ve often said that the reason republiCons lie to reporters, is because they can. Big E, in a story here on demonstrates Kline lying on Esme Murphy’s show last weekend; that’s NOT the first time a republiCon has lied to Esme – Norm Coleman, a/ka “The Fourth Most Corrupt Senator,” lied to Esme as documented here last February.

Not to be outdone in blatant mendacity, Mary Kiffmeyer wrote a Letter To The Editor last Saturday, November 14th.  The scandal over a failed faith-based banking venture that lasted a mere six years in Otsego was at issue.  While the whole letter needs to be fact checked (and, it will!), one claim clearly stood out:

“I personally did not own or operate a bank nor do I own a “holding company”. My husband Ralph and I, along with over 85 other small investors from the community put money into a start-up community bank in 2003 by purchasing shares of stock,…”  Mary Kiffmeyer, 14 Nov. 2009,

OK, compare that to what Mary Kiffmeyer  reported to the State Campaign Finance Board in a Statement of Economic Interest in July 2008:

Sources of Compensation  
Name Of Source
Riverview Community Bank –  Director and Owner

Now, keep in mind that Mary Kiffmeyer certified that the required information provided to the Campaign Finance Board was “complete, true and correct” – under penalty of law.

Everybody catch the disconnect?  In July 2008, under penalty of law, Mary Kiffmeyer reported she owned a bank; in November 2009 she wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper saying she didn’t.  

Was Mary Kiffmeyer lying then, or is she lying now?

I’m guessing now; reporters like, say, Esme Murphy, don’t do squat when GOPers like, say, Mary Kiffmeyer, lie to them.

For more on the continuing Kiffmeyer banking scandal,  go and read what Eric Zaetsch wrote.

Oh, and here’s the artwork that once adorned a wall at Kiffmeyer’s failed bank; I call it “Jesus At The Closing Table”:

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