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Entenza Assembles Advisors

by Brian Falldin on June 11, 2009 · 5 comments

Matt Entenza for Governor

In a statement issued today, Matt Entenza’s campaign for governor announced it hired several firms to lend a hand to the campaign.   According to the statement, these firms provide  ”Web, Mail, Media and Polling” expertise, and they are fully “On-Board to Elect First Democratic Governor of Minnesota in 24 Years.”  

Read the full announcement here.

Update from Joe: This is as much a gauntlet-throwing move as anything for Team Entenza. Hiring these outside firms this early seems to be a clear sign that Entenza is putting together a professional campaign machine for the long haul through the September primary. Its primary newsworthiness is from Team Entenza to the rest of the field — last I checked, voters generally don’t care that much about consultant hirings…but opposing campaigns do.

roughrider June 11, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Entenza camp: there’s not enough money in the world to obscure a terrible candidate.  People don’t like liars and cheats; people won’t vote for Matt Entenza.  Surely the DFL delegates won’t buy into yet another losing candidate, will we?

Dan June 12, 2009 at 7:57 am

I don’t think any of the campaigns are too surprised that Entenza is willing to spend a lot of his wife’s dirty money.  God help the DFL if we nominate this crook.  

Grace Kelly June 12, 2009 at 7:39 pm

I have a guess at what you might be referring to, however I would suggest that you write a diary with details and links to documentation, and then when you comment, also post the link to the diary. That would be persuasive, whereas the comment now just looks like a personal opinion and not based on facts.

Dan June 12, 2009 at 9:15 pm

I thought that Entenza supporters were simply corrupted by the unlimited supply of dirty money.  Maybe the problem is that they don’t read the news.  If that is the case, holy crap is the DFL in trouble.

From Blois Olson:

“On the DFL side, there are two candidates likely to spend personal wealth if they end up running in a primary: former Sen. Mark Dayton and former state Rep. Matt Entenza. The political buzz is that Entenza is quietly telling people that he is willing to spend $10 million or more. In 2000, Dayton spent $11 million to win his U.S. Senate seat.”

Where is Entenza getting the $10 million from?  His wife’s compensation as an executive at United Health Care.  If it was the case that his wife was simply successful and Entenza was buying the nomination with legitimate money, that would be only mildly distasteful.  But United Health Care is a terrible company that has been investigated and/or prosecuted in nearly every state for defrauding patients.  Here is an example of a recent settlement: http://archives.chicagotribune…  

United Health Care has also defrauded its shareholders by backdating stock options for its executives.  Ms. Quam is a defendant in a number of civil actions as a result of the shareholder fraud.  Here is a link to one of the federal court lawsuits:

Put simply, this is dirty money.   Company executivies were paid millions of dollars ($35 million in Quam’s case) while the company made profits by screwing patients out of their health care coverage and screwing non-executive stock holders out of their money.  It is simply disgraceful that DFLers would even consider Entenza as an option for their governor nominee.

As far as Entenza himself goes, the real scandal in 2006 wasn’t just that he spied on Mike Hatch and repeatedly lied about it.  The scandal is that Hatch (like many other AGs around the country) was investigating the criminal behavior of Entenza’s wife’s company.  The conflict of interest is ridiculous and only someone complete devoid of ethics would have run for AG in the first place.

Putting aside the fact that Entenza is Minnesota’s version of Rod Blagojevich, the biggest problem is that Entenza will get crushed if he is the nominee and we will have another four years of a Republican governor.  All the money in the world can’t erase the stink on this guy.


Karl June 16, 2009 at 10:15 pm

After Entenza became House Minority Leader in 2002, he sacked a slew of DFL House staffers and installed his own sycophants to help lay the groundwork for his run for higher office. That resulted in some age discrimination complaints filed against Entenza and the DFL with the state Dept. of Human Rights. The complaints were dismissed, but that was before Entenza the Liar became exposed in the Hatch private investigator scandal. I’m sure Entenza will explain it away as just disgruntled employees, but many know it’s just another in a long string of lies from this guy.

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