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Entenza Assembles Advisors

by Brian Falldin on June 11, 2009 · 5 comments

Matt Entenza for Governor

In a statement issued today, Matt Entenza’s campaign for governor announced it hired several firms to lend a hand to the campaign.   According to the statement, these firms provide  “Web, Mail, Media and Polling” expertise, and they are fully “On-Board to Elect First Democratic Governor of Minnesota in 24 Years.”  

Read the full announcement here.

Update from Joe: This is as much a gauntlet-throwing move as anything for Team Entenza. Hiring these outside firms this early seems to be a clear sign that Entenza is putting together a professional campaign machine for the long haul through the September primary. Its primary newsworthiness is from Team Entenza to the rest of the field — last I checked, voters generally don’t care that much about consultant hirings…but opposing campaigns do.

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