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DFA, PCCC: a dollar for every day Coleman keeps it up

by Joe Bodell on April 18, 2009

Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee are putting out a new request to activists across the country: give a dollar for every day Norm Coleman keeps his challenge to last November’s election results alive.

The campaign is already starting to attract some attention, and is designed to provide a disincentive for the GOP to continue supporting Coleman in his efforts to keep empty the seat he once held — they give money to Coleman’s legal efforts, and DFA/PCCC activists give money to help PCCC support progressive candidates around the country looking to further reduce the GOP’s congressional delegation to its backward, Southern rump.

In addition, that is one toothy sparkle they managed to get into that graphic, isn’t it?

So, Minnesota — recent polls showed you wanted Norm Coleman to call it quits and let Senator-elect Franken get to work in Washington — here’s how you can give him and his supporters a little more encouragement:

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