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MYDFL Rates Possible Candidates for Governor

by Grace Kelly on March 30, 2009 · 11 comments

Instead of pundits, I wanted a target group of smart savvy young political volunteers to rate the possible candidates for governor. I found 24 MYDFL volunteers to rate the candidates, at a MYDFL event where the candidates were speaking. Tom Bakk sent in a substitute. Chris Coleman came in for an unscheduled speech, which is why his name is not on the form.  

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Kudos to Christian for the improved graph!
So what to take away from this? A difference should be more than “.2” to be significant, so I would see a 2.0 and 2.1 as about the same. A whole point is definitely significant.

The most significant ranking from this group is volunteering, which was actually a longer question on the form. This statewide group of young people are high commitment volunteers, who make a campaign successful. So the fact that R.T. Ryback had 1.5 rating shows great promise, where Susan Gaertner’s 3.2 rating below “OK” should be worrisome.

All the candidates are in the acceptable to great range. The NON-candidates of Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, Tarryl Clark and R.T. Rybak did surprisingly well. Tom Bakk’s numbers may just show how important that is to show up in person and not send a substitute. Definitely being out of office was a disadvantage for candidates.  

Tarryl Clark has the best audience connection of all, both in my opinion and in her score, “1.2”. Many candidates feel like they are on auto-play, and it affects the audience. The speeches were  live streamed via Uptake and might be available later on Uptake.

Social networking is an important skill of politics. I connect with MYDFLers because I am there all day, I respect them and I am listening to them (that overcomes the gray hair). Most of these candidates are just doing drive-by speeches. I think candidates end up having more road time and less people time. The more experienced candidates shook everyone’s hand in the audience. Rebecca Otto, who is campaigning for re-election as auditor, was the master of just being present in the audience, catching a person’s eye and just smiling at people. On the other end of the scale, Susan Gaertner seemed lost in her own thoughts.

So perhaps people can do their own analysis in the comments. Perhaps some of the people who took the survey could comment on what made the differences in rankings between the candidates.

More on great ideas from the MYDFL in a later article.

Update: Just to make this abundantly clear, this was a “fun” volunteer activity by a number of volunteers who happen to be in the MYDFL, not anything that could be an official MYDFL action!


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