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Republicans like activist judges who rule in their favor

by The Big E on February 24, 2009

For at least a decade Republicans have been shrieking and ranting about activist judges.  Judges who will ignore law and precedent. Who will interpret our laws and our Constitution instead of upholding them.  We all know the truth is that they just want judges who will rule in their favor.

So isn’t it interesting to see Governor Tim Pawlenty suggesting that former Senator Norm Coleman’s best chance of weaseling his old job back is via activist judges overruling Minnesota law and precedent?

“I know some people have grown weary of this, but I think Norm Coleman has a good chance to get this turned over in the courts . . . The bulk of the dispute is over absentee ballots and which ones should be in and which ones shouldn’t be in, or shouldn’t have been in to begin with. Coleman is appealing about 3800 ballots, and Franken allegedly has about 900 ballots they’re going through. The universe that they’re dealing with is less than 5000 ballots, and Franken leads by 225 or so. So there are still a lot of ballots to sort out. But we may not know for a month, or for several months . . . It puts [Minnesotans] at a disadvantage when you only have one senator, and major legislation is being considered and debated. I would appoint someone temporarily, but the law doesn’t allow it, I can only appoint someone for a permanent vacancy.”
[emphasis added]
(National Review)

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