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Bachmann: “We’re Running Out Of Rich People In This Country”

by TwoPuttTommy on February 15, 2009 · 5 comments

A h/t to Avidor, over at Dump Bachmann, who graciously gave permission to use his blogpost title.  Here’s what Avidor had to say:

“We’re running out of rich people in this country.”

That’s what she said to KLTK’s Chris Baker yesterday. Maybe Bachmann meant SHE is running out of rich people who donate money to her campaign such as this former rich guy.

Listen to Bachmann’s wacky rant excerpted from the podcast:

Well, here’s that podcast!  Listen for yourself!  (listener warning: if you took home a barfbag from your last airplane trip, go get it now….)

And she said that – “We’re running out of rich people in this country” –  at the 8:58 minute mark.  But, before she said that, Bachmann said this:

Bachmann: I mean, if you think, ACORN – this is a group that’s under Federal indictment…

Baker:  Unbelievable

Bachmann:  …for voter fraud.  ACORN – they’ve received a total of $53 million in direct Federal Grants since 1994.  Do you know how much  they’re getting under this (the stimulus) bill?

Baker:  Like $4 billion, I’ve heard.

Bachmann:  $5 Billion.

Baker?  $5 billion?

Bachmann: For ACORN.

Yep that’s what Bachmann said, starting at the 4:11 minute mark.

If anyone can provide a link that the Stimulus Bill is doling out $5 BILLION dollars to ACORN, I’d like to see it*.  But, since Bachmann said it, I’ll take the rational view, and assume she’s simply making that up.  Of course, in the absence of a link to the contrary, “simply  regurgitating spoon-fed GOPer talking points” would also be a reasonable assumption.

And she said a whole bunch of other stuff, too – listen to it yourself, and post what YOU think are the most outrageous things Michelle Bachmann said, on this episode of Life On  Planet Denial the “Chris Baker Show.”

* links to Medved, Drug Limpstick, Savage, Mitch Berg, Drudge, Talon News, NewsMax, Washington Times, et al do NOT count.  I’m talking about links to CREDIBLE sources,  folks.

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