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Thank You to All Heroes of the DFL

by Grace Kelly on December 10, 2008 · 1 comment

Around this holiday season, I like to say “Thank You” to people who serve unnoticed. The Democratic-Farmer-Labor party has many people who work so hard to create better communities and better government. This is mostly volunteer work with a few underpaid jobs. These are the everyday heroes!  
I have been on three executive boards and supported the highest level financial budgeting, so I can tell you for certain, what a donated dollar buys in the DFL is truly impressive. While corporations have to have big ticket conventions with lots of perks to support training conventions, the DFL does training with volunteers, a few simple handouts, an inexpensive room, coffee, water, crackers and maybe a little help from a support staff person. This Democratic frugal one-on-one personal persuasion with the support of a few shiny bits of literature goes up against the corporate media advertising and spun news, and still manages to win.

So send a card of cheer, thanks and good will to your local DFL group or the main office:

Minnesota DFL Party
255 E Plato Blvd
St. Paul, MN 55107-1623

And even the smallest contribution will be well spent, if you are able to be generous. If you have not yet participated in the Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund, you can give a gift of $50 ($100 as couple) that you get back from the Minnesota government with just a little bit of paperwork. It’s a gift that you get back in two months, what could be better than that.

If paperwork is too much hassle, there is also the easy online option!

Mention “Grace Kelly sent me” in the note line, and I will know that you went there. Also write “Thanks for all you do!” and the whole staff will feel a double thank you.

Or if you cannot give, you could simply write an email thank you.

The thank you notes make all the difference, since they are so rarely said. Even in critiques we have recognize all hard work and effort. A thank you now and then makes the difference in people not burning out, even here in writing citizen journalism and blogs. Fortunately, the co-chairs of DFL party have said they have the spirit and enthusiasm to do a least one more term. So special thanks to Brian and Donna, who are again candidates to lead. Special thanks and kudos to every volunteer, every staff person, every candidate, every elected official, every contributor, and every voter who helped the DFL through out this year. Thanks to all the citizen journalists as well! Thank you  for working for the common good. Thank you for making the world a little bit better. Thank you for all you do!

Write here or  contribute here.

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