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The Progressive Project is here!

by Joe Bodell on December 1, 2008 · 3 comments

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed some things changing and appearing and disappearing, and others have simply been reading closely. The wait is over:

Welcome to the Minnesota Progressive Project

The Project has been months in the making, and is the result of the merger between Minnesota Campaign Report and MN Blue. In coming up with many of the same ideas and doing many of the same things with both sites, Eric and I agreed that working together would further our common goals: providing a go-to source for online progressive politics in Minnesota.

But this is more than a merger. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out some new features that will bring the online into the real world and vice versa, building connections between the community blog out here in the ‘Tubes and the brick-and-mortar political world.

In the meantime, explore some of the features we’ve already enabled. The TOPICS area in the middle column divides up the site’s content by tags — posts tagged with “economy” for example, will appear in the “It’s the Economy Stupid” topic area. If you use an RSS reader, you can pull up a feed for any of these topics easily, tracking just the content you want to track. The same goes for the CONTRIBUTORS area, which contains recent content and feeds for our frontpage writers.

If you had an account at MN Campaign Report, it will still work here — we’re still on SoapBlox and your account is still active. If you had an account at MN Blue, we’re working as furiously as possible to get those transitioned over, and they’ll be ready soon.

So please bear with us as we make this transition — we hope you’ll make yourself heard here at the Progressive Project.  

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