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Three Brodkorb claims against Senate dismissed; two remain

by Joe Bodell on February 15, 2013

If the progressive blogosphere’s favorite foil and his lawyers are hoping for an out-of -court settlement here, their hopes have to be dimming just a bit today:

The Senate prevailed today on the entirety of its motion to dismiss three of the remaining five claims filed against the Senate by former Republican staffer Michael Brodkorb.

The court granted the Senate everything it sought in its motion, including the dismissal of two defamation claims against former Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman, and a third constitutional rights claim which was dismissed on procedural grounds. As a result of the decision, Cal Ludeman is no longer a party to the law suit and just two of the plaintiff’s original ten claims remain before the court. These two remaining claims both relate to gender discrimination-one under federal law and one under state law.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk released the following statement:

“I welcome this news on behalf of the Minnesota State Senate. We will now take time to review the implications of this decision as we determine how the Senate will proceed and ultimately resolve this litigation. Our hope is to bring the remainder of the law suit to a prompt and satisfactory conclusion.”

And to think; it’s usually Republican operatives and officials who complain about meritless lawsuits soaking up tax dollars and blah blah blah freedom blah blah blah. Over $200,000 of our tax dollars have now been spent defending the State Senate from what a judge has determined are (at least almost) completely meritless claims.

What’s really sad is that it’s the DFL-led Senate that gets to clean up after yet another Republican mess bequeathed upon the entire state. Thanks guys.

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