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New MPP features coming soon

by Joe Bodell on February 13, 2013 · 1 comment

Hey all, remember me? I’m that guy that used to post on a daily basis on a variety of topics, always sure to mix a healthy dose of snarky wonkishness in with the reported facts.

And then I’ve kind of disappeared. There are a few reasons for that: one, I’ve been really, really busy in real life lately; two, the 2012 election really sapped me of my political attention span; and three, we’re pushing out a new version of MN Progressive Project soon.

The first two don’t really matter. The last is what I want to talk about. When Big E and I conglomerated MN Blue and MN Campaign Report in 2008, we pushed the entire team on to the MNCR platform, a blogging tool called SoapBlox. It was developed starting around 2003 by an incredible guy in Colorado, who, by developing a community-based blogging platform for state-based sites around the country, made himself a singularly important figure in the progressive blogosphere.

Over time, however, SoapBlox has atrophied. It’s not getting new software updates, it’s increasingly clunky to work with, and there are some things that are difficult if not flat-out impossible to do.

Thus, MPP is making a change, both in look-and-feel and in software. That change is happening soon, and there are some new features we want to highlight:

First, you’ll be able to use your Facebook account to log into the site and write comments and posts. This feature has been around for a while, but by moving to the WordPress platform we’re hoping it will expand our community’s reach just a bit.

Second, we’re debuting a petition tool in the new site. This is really something that’s been missing from the MPP experience — instead of just talking about issues and campaigns and political figures, we’re going to start holding our elected leaders and political organizations accountable, and pushing them to do the things that truly signify the “progress” in “progressive”.

And over time, we’ll be able to more easily add new features to the new site. The look (which we’ll preview a bit more later this week) is a bit cleaner and fresher, and we’ll be looking to you, our community, for help both in testing it out and in making it better, stronger, and more awesome.

More details soon — and don’t worry, I’ll be posting regularly again once the new site is up and running.

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