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Perennial candidate Dick Franson faxes out Minneapolis Mayoral announcement

by The Big E on January 15, 2013 · 1 comment

Dick Franson has been running for something for quite a while now. He’s run for Mayor, US Senate and many many other seats. He once served as an Alderman on the Minneapolis City Council. That tells you how long it’s been since he won anything.

Oh, and just in case, he simultaneously announced that he’s running for the Ward 12 Alderman City Council seat that Betsy Hodges will most likely be vacating as she runs for Mayor. Ooops! Sandy Colvin Roy holds this seat and is running for reelection.

I think it’s awesome that in 2013 we have a candidate announcing that he is running with 1990’s technology.

If only Ole Savior lived in Minneapolis.

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