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Why Does Modern Education Reform Dismiss a Crucial Lynchpin?

by Alec on December 5, 2012 · 10 comments

       According to the latest global education report from Pearson’s, the United States ranks 17th in educated its youth. We could go on about the validity of the comparisons and Pearson’s role as the largest education profiteer in the world, but that is a post for a different day. What I would like to point out are the unsurprising findings of what makes a great education system.

    The education systems from Finland to Korea to Singapore   have few commonalities, except one. They all have an overwhelming respect for education, and more directly, the teaching profession. Modern American Education Reform is the antithesis of what is one of the few common traits among the top performers. The following video, and the brave teacher speaking, illustrate exactly this point.

    The group the woman is speaking about, ALEC (no relation), walks hand in hand with free market reformers like Pearsons, Students First, Michelle Rhee, and even Arne Duncan. The tragic thing is, groups like Pearsons even know how important teachers are in the education process, yet give them no respect. Instead of supporting the profession, they look to trivialize, demonize, and patronize teachers.

Take a look. This is how modern American Education Reform works. Tell us how it makes any sense. Please.

Link to video of teacher speaking to ALEC education deformers

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