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They are just not going to give up the crazy.

by Bill Prendergast on November 23, 2012

For weeks we’ve been reading press reports about leading Republicans urging the party to give up the crazy. This year’s election results indicate that a right wing-dominated GOP has just lost its national mandate for governing America’s future. (So Happy Thanksgiving!)

In response to the loss of a conservative mandate, some Republican leaders and pundits have been urging changes to the party and to conservative postions. Since the election they’ve been telling the GOP that in order to survive as a national party: it has to stop caving in to right wingers with extremist agendas.

We’re starting to see a reaction from the conservative pundit class and the Republican voter base. And that reaction is: “No frikkin’ way.”

Unfazed by Defeat, GOP’s Anti-Obamacare Crusade Rages On

Huffington Post

November 21, 2012, 5:13 AM 13840
When House Speaker John Boehner declared Obamacare the “law of the land” two days after his party took a drubbing in the election, the real reveal came in what happened next: he walked it back in record speed and re-affirmed his commitment to getting rid of it.

Boehner’s a coward. He took a daring, leaderly public stand after the election results. He told the public and the conservative wingnuts that the GOP Congress would accept the reality of an American mandate for Obamacare and get down to the real work of negotiating the budget. Ten minutes after he says that, publicly: Boehenr gets some very angry some phone calls from conservative wingnut leaders–and Boehner caves, folds, cowers, and pretends he never said it at all.

The White House was quick to respond:

The White House is shooting down House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) insistence that the Affordable Care Act must be on the chopping block in debt reduction talks.

A White House official told (Talking Point Memo) on Wednesday afternoon that Obamacare will be off the table as leaders of the two parties negotiate a deal to avoid steep tax hikes and automatic spending cuts set to take effect in January.

Boehner humiliated himself (again) by showing the world (again) that Republican elected officials do not lead the Republican Party. Unelected conservative wingnut leaders are the real leaders of the Republican Party.

In reality, the senior GOP elected officials quoted in the press are a window-dressing, non-leader leadership. And that’s the case generally; Boehner’s not the only example:

Having failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act at the national level, Republicans are now dedicating their efforts to botching its implementation at the state level. And having failed to invalidate the law at the Supreme Court, they’re now seeking alternate legal avenues to weaken its regulations.

Republican governors are turning down (Obamacare’s) Medicaid expansion, a move made easier by the Supreme Court decision that made the expansion optional. Among them are Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Phil Bryant of Mississippi and Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Given that the federal government pays the vast majority of the cost in the medium term, these states are, in effect, rejecting an extraordinarily generous financial incentive to insure their residents…

Understand: Republican leaders are rejecting health insurance funds that their taxpayer constituents will be billed for anyway.

The Huffington Post then report the details on how Republican governors and activists plan to stop the implementation of Obamacare–Republicans preventing health insurance coverage for at least another 17 million Americans.

…All in all, Republicans and conservatives are telegraphing that they’re not chastened by years of failed efforts to wipe away Obamacare. The crusade shows no signs of ending, and could still do serious damage to the law.

And that “crusade” will do even more serious damage to the Republican Party. Voters will remember next time, if Republican surrender to Fox News politics costs their families access to health care and treatment.

As a liberal who believes in political freedom, representative democracy, and a multi-party system: I have no desire to see America degenerate into a one party state–even if the “one party” happens to be liberal. But that’s exactly what Republican voters are opting for, if they continue to believe conservative talk radio B.S. that costs working American families effective access to necessary medical care.

That’s what’s happening. Just as before, the “leaders” of the G.O.P. turn out to be cowardly followers. One by one, in order to preserve their political careers: they’re caving in to the right wing nuts–again!

Despite the fact that caving in to the right has cost them control of the nation; despite the fact that they’ve identified caving in to the right as wrong and bad for America.

Once again, they’re surrendering to fantasyland conservative extremism rejected by voters–just media moments after they took public stands against such surrender. Ten media minutes after right wing threats about political support: Boehner flip-flops and caves to conservative talk radio ideology. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (formerly touted as a  principled conservative rising star) calls for broadening the Republican base and message. Ten media minutes after right wing threats: Jindal flip-flops and caves to conservative talk radio politics.

Does anyone wonder why Republican politicians receive no respect from the left or the right? We’ve even seen tea party “heroes” like Michele Bachmann selling out “core principles” and crawling publicly for the sake of career; self-interest.

So why do conservatives pretend to be offended when liberals and progressives express contempt for Republican politicians? Even conservatives have contempt for those guys (right up until election season, when conservatives once again present these squirming careerists to the voters as “leaders.”)

There’s no mystery about why liberals and progressives hold Republican politicians in contempt. Spineless careerists are held in contempt: thus, the fame of America’s elected Republican “leaders.”




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