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Working Every Door to Win Elections

by Grace Kelly on November 20, 2012

Working every door in the top two precincts can make a huge contribution to winning. Working every door means going beyond just persuading registered people to vote for your candidate to also persuading unregistered people to register and vote for your candidate. Working every door means talking to everyone. Even 10 – 30% of Republicans can be persuaded to cross-over vote by people who are comfortable in making those persuasions.

Rather than go through a ton of data, I thought I would focus on a key precinct in a key race. The race of Jim Carlson in the Eagan-Burnsville area was crucial in winning back the DFL senate majority. This race was targeted, attracting the second highest expenditures in the state. Within this race, Eagan Precinct 2 consistently gives the most vote advantage of any the precinct. This year, Precinct 2 contributed 462 votes of 2873 vote wining advantage. This precinct was worked every door in 2012.

Visually you can see in the chart below, the relationship of voter turnout and the DFL winning advantage.

My advice to every DFL campaign is to always pick your top two DFL precincts and work every door.

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