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Mary Franson: will she stay or will she go?

by The Big E on November 20, 2012 · 4 comments

If I stay there will be trouble …
if I go it will be double…

The Clash

Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) clings to a one vote lead over DFLer Bob Cuniff. The vote total will be certified by Thursday after which an automatic recount is likely.

Franson is most infamous for joking that welfare recipients are animals. She’s also the evangelical christianist who lived in sin with her boyfriend. She likes yelling at people at parades. She stated that the anti-marriage amendment was important because it would protect children from Teh Gayz.

Minnesota may not be entertained by her for long. Or will she sneak past her challenger to continue bringing the crazy to the halls of the State Capitol? Tony Petrangelo at has an update:

Well, that analysis may all be moot now:
Official Notice of Error that affects Bob Cunniff – Franson MN state house race #stribpol #mnleg…
   - Aaron Ley, Ph.D. (@AaronLey) November 16, 2012

The linked image contains the following from Charlene Rosenow, the Douglas County Auditor/Treasurer:

The Douglas County Canvassing Board convened today and publically canvassed the 2012 general election returns by reviewing the abstract and write-in reports provided by the Douglas County Auditor. Following the review, the Board determined, by majority vote, that the election judges had made an obvious error in counting or recording votes as more fully set forth in the attached Report of Obvious Errors. In sum, it is apparent that some voters were given the wrong ballots at shared polling locations.

This development may be an advantage to Franson according to Sally Jo Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie:

Bluestem called the Douglas County Auditor’s office to learn whether or not the 32 ballots would come from all of HD 8B or just Douglas County. We were told that the Douglas County Canvassing board would only be pulling from the ballots in their possession–not from the larger pool of the district.

Given that Cunniff outperformed Franson by over 1000 votes in Douglas County– 6861-5854–there’s very  slight odds that more Cunniff votes than Franson votes will be pulled, although the randomness of the draw makes those slim odds.

Dog Gone November 20, 2012 at 7:08 am

I am encouraged that in every recount, the errors appear to only initially be in the favor of the Republicans.  I would hate to catch the contagion of their conspiracy theories, but they do seem to be the party that likes to play dirty, as reflected in actual charges and convictions.

I hope the DFL fields plenty of TRAINED recount observers who know what to watch for, what to challenge, and aren’t afraid to do so. When you have wackos like Franson, I think intentionally or otherwise, people want to avoid insanity and hassle from them….

Fingers crossed that sanity will prevail. We’ve had enough of all that has been bad from the GOP.

Socks4Cunniff November 21, 2012 at 4:51 am

The DFL is the party that plays dirty to win, as they did with the race between Norm Coleman and that nitwit whose only claim to fame was being very unfunny on SNL.  These “TRAINED recount observers” won’t be watching for anything other than opportunities to challenge and toss legitimate Republican ballots while fighting for anything they can put in their column.

ericf November 21, 2012 at 10:58 am

At least let us finish stealing it before you accuse us of stealing it. This sort of subterfuge takes some time and concentration so please, a period of peace and quiet. We’re working.

Now where did I put that extra box of ballots? It has be here somewhere.

Socks4Cunniff November 21, 2012 at 4:59 am

“Franson is most infamous for joking that welfare recipients are animals.”

She did no such thing. The point of the message she read was directed at the state and compared its treatment of welfare recipients to its treatment of wild animals.

“She’s also the evangelical christianist who lived in sin with her boyfriend.”

Not sure where you got that idea from other than from the fact that she had a boyfriend and had left some undescribed belongings (DVDs? CDs?) at his place.  Could you show me where the Bible prohibits people who are dating from bringing innocuous possessions to each other’s homes?

“She likes yelling at people at parades.”

Wow.  That one’s just a flat-out lie, isn’t it?  She was the one who got yelled at and when the crazed DFLer accosted her after the parade, she calmly handled the encounter.

“She stated that the anti-marriage amendment was important because it would protect children from Teh Gayz.”

Despite the fact that this is a straw man, did her opponent say anything different?  Nope.  He said he was for traditional marriage, too, because it’s best for children.

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