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Michele Bachmann: and bullying the gay teens

by Bill Prendergast on November 20, 2012 · 16 comments

From the Minnesota Daily, the student-run newspaper at the U of M:

During a Q-and-A in 2011 at Waverly Town Hall, Bachmann stated, “I ascribe honor and dignity to every person,” and then later, “We all have the same civil rights. And so that’s really what the government’s role is – to protect our civil rights.”

Then, when asked in further detail how she felt about the LGBT community and bullying, she went on to say, “There are no special rights based on your sex practices,” and “What I believe is that the federal government should have nothing to say about the local school classroom. The president shouldn’t; the government shouldn’t.”

Last year, the mother of a gay teenager who committed suicide in 2010 brought a box to Bachmann’s campaign office containing 141,000 signatures petitioning her to publicly address gay bullying. Bachmann responded by stating, “Bullying is wrong.” This statement contrasted a previous one she made in 2006, which, in summary, claimed that bullying has always happened and that prohibiting it would be impossible without infringing on freedom of speech. The cherry on top was her final question, “… will we be expecting boys to be girls?”

Spoken like a bully, Michele.
The author is really worried about the kids in Bachmann’s district and goes on to say that Bachmann is at best “indifferent” to the problem of bullying.

The author’s right. One of the bases of Bachmann’s career is homophobia; another is the national and regional Christian Right. She can’t take active measures against gay bullying without p***ing off the people who made and preserve her career.

She can’t even issue a strong public denunciation of gay bullying without p***ing them off. Anyway, her 2006 remarks indicate that she’s more concerned about “boys turning gay” than she is about bullying.

If the national Christian Right does a post-election 180 degree turn and begins to denounce bullying of gay teens–Bachmann will do the same. If the Christian Right keeps its current policy of exploiting and encouraging homophobia for political gain…

…Michele Bachmann will continue to do as she’s always done.


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