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Rick Nolan welcomed back to Congress, outlines his priorities

by The Big E on November 15, 2012

Now that Rick Nolan has sent Chip Cravaack back home to New Hampshire and reclaimed Minnesota’s Eighth District for the DFL, Nolan was off to Washington, DC to start the process of returning to Congress.

Today, after a nine point victory, a week of celebrations, deer hunting and a flight to Washington, Nolan found himself standing on a stage in the basement of the U.S. Capitol with dozens of members of his incoming class of Democratic lawmakers.

While Democrats gained at best eight or nine House seats last week, fewer than the 25 they needed to recapture control of the lower chamber, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi confidently strode onto the stage and described the election as a victory for Democrats, calling Nolan and the other Democrats, “a picture of America” for their diversity.

In addition, Nolan released his seven priorities which will guide him in Congress.

  1. The primary focus must be on creating good paying jobs, growing the economy and rebuilding the middle class.
  2. Both spending cuts and revenue must be part of the equation.
  3. The end product must put us on the road to a balanced budget.
  4. The revenue side must eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
  5. Principal spending cuts must come through ending the so-called “wars of choice” and “nation building abroad.”
  6. A portion of the savings and new revenue must be allocated to rebuilding America’s infrastructure.
  7. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits must be protected. These programs are not responsible for today’s fiscal crisis. Any changes necessary to protect future benefits can be considered once the immediate fiscal crisis is resolved.

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