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Planned Parenthood seriously power-slams the haters

by Dan Burns on November 14, 2012

This is really sweet.  It would be cool to see it more widely reported, just to rub the righties’ ugly faces in it.

The Sunlight Foundation released a report Thursday calculating return on investment for outside spending groups in the 2012 election based on what percentage of their spending went to races that ended up with the desired results. Planned Parenthood’s super PAC got the best return.

98.58% of their targeted election spending helped lead to the desired result. Compared with, for example, 1.29% (not a misprint) for the far-right, women’s rights-bashing American Crossroads.  More below the fold.
It’s important to bear in mind that the reactionary War on Women zealots will never, ever give up; fear and hate, grounded in ignorance, are too fundamental to what they are.  The only real solution is to remove them from power entirely, and we’re a long way from that.

That doesn’t mean the war is over. Oh, no. In fact, plenty of conservatives are already dedicating themselves to pushing it further, insisting that the reason Republicans were so thoroughly ass-kicked on Tuesday was because they weren’t extreme enough. It wasn’t sufficient for Mitt Romney to vow to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood. It wasn’t sufficient for him to put Paul Ryan, a fierce advocate for stripping women of their basic rights, on his ticket. And as for all those god-awful casual comments about rape? Well, that was just the mean liberal media taking things out of context by showing video of Republicans making god-awful casual comments about rape.

While we managed to send a lot of the bad guys packing, many remain, including the same anti-woman representatives and senators who brought us 67 abortion bills this session and will no doubt try again in the next one.

In the spirit of the above, while Willard is done, his ideology remains, among far too many.

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