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No reporter questions David Hann about conflict of interest or ethics

by The Big E on November 13, 2012 · 1 comment

The Republican Senate Caucus introduced Sen. David Hann as Senate Minority Leader on Friday. They couldn’t have picked a more corrupt, more ethically challenged leader.

But watch this press conference for yourselves. No reporter asks him any tough questions.

Not a single question about his new job in the health insurance industry and if that will conflict with his position on the Health and Human Services Committee. No questions about why he sought to hide his new job.

Nobody asks him about his involvement in the Lunch Break Lit Drop scandal. After all he was in charge of the Republican Senate Caucus’s reelection effort … he had to know this illegal activity was going on.

No reporter seemed to remember that he was part of the leadership team that bungled the aftermath of the Amy Koch-Michael Brodkorb sex scandal. Not a single reporter recalled that this team lied to reporters about what they knew, when they knew it and why they lied.

What’s going on with MPR’s Tom Scheck? Why no tough questions from the Star Tribune’s Rachel Stassen-Berger? Should we be surprised that Esme Murphy of WCCO failed to do any homework on David Hann before asking questions?

For anyone interested in more about Sen. Hann’s conflict of interest and shoddy ethics, go here.

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