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Suffering Suffrage

by Jules on November 12, 2012 · 1 comment

The Radical Right, be it Paulist or Tea Party, is trying to figure its way out of its demographic dilemma. There are just too many people voting against them.

One theme they have pushed to achieve their goals has been the original intent of the founding fathers. (They don’t seem concerned about the founding mothers.) After all the constitution was handed down by God in Philadelphia in 1787. The problems of the 21st century can best be dealt with 18th century solutions. Any changes to what they claim to be that intent should be reversed.

We we have seen this attempt to take the country back in time with the mini-movement to repeal the 17th amendment that provides for the direct election of US Senators… . Advocates reason (to the extent that they can reason) Republican controlled state legislatures would be more likely to select Republicans to the Senate and let the voters be damned.

The 2012 election showed that their problem is not with the 17th Amendment but with the 19th. Think how happy they would be if only women were still not allowed to vote. Romney would carried the 55% of the popular vote… Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin and their 100 Electoral Votes would all have swung to the Republican column for a 306-232 result. If the 20 women in the new Senate were silenced, the Republicans would have a 41-39 majority in that body.

The right has already tried to marginalize women’s concerns, particularly on health and reproductive issues. Can voting rights be far behind?

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