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Some Lessons

by Uncle Geo on November 9, 2012

The lesson for the GOP, of course, is that extremism necessitates a departure from reality and when you start believing your own fantasy you’re going to make mistakes. The GOP taught people to disregard facts and science, see the world without nuance and live in fear of things that don’t exist. The Tea Party was the result; the GOP’s Frankenstein monster that pushed all reasonable Republicans aside. Slowly (very slowly), voters are seeing the new GOP for what they really are and they don’t like what they see.

The lesson for the rest of us is that people can trump money if they choose to. All the money spent by Citizens United moneypots was spent to get votes.  Of course, the money and power folks will continue to buy candidates with revolving doors of wealth and comfort, but in the end only people can vote and voters have all the power!

And consider the people who are volunteers. An initial advantage of more than 60 points for the MN amendments turned to defeat by election day; all due to direct voter contact, person to person.

Make no mistake: the extremist right is going nowhere. It may shrink a little but what’s left will be concentrated and dangerous. Humans are inherently susceptible to propaganda and trickery; it’s why we are entertained by magicians and on a more sinister level why so many will continue to believe a right wing narrative that is factually untrue and intellectually bankrupt.

There needs to be an authentic, effective and enduring effort counter to that worldview. The continued unwillingness of many national Democratic campaign strategists to frame our worldview effectively will continue to make every battle we do win tougher than it needs to be and increase the possibility of a return to extremist control. That is why the communication of liberal values must come from the roots which, in the end, is always the most effective way.

As we welcome the changing demographics of more young voters, more women and more minority communities (soon, in the aggregate, to be the majority) we have an opportunity to offer our worldview in an enduring way, one that can then become reality for millions.

It takes nothing more than people to accomplish this.

from The Pocket Progressive.

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