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MN-SEN election coverage: Klobuchar wins easily, Dems may gain seats in the Senate

by Jeff Rosenberg on November 6, 2012 · 1 comment

Amy Klobuchar was declared the winner 2 minutes after polls closed. I’ll keep you updated on Senator Klobuchar’s margin of victory, and I’ll try to check in on other Senate races throughout the country this evening.

11:50 PM: Democrats have won 53 seats, the same amount they currently control. There are still three seats up for grab, all of which are possible wins. In a year where it once seemed the GOP was a shoo-in to regain control, it now looks likely that Dems will instead gain a seat or two.

10:20 PM: Dems have clinched control of the Senate. Can they add a few seats over the rest of the night?

9:40 PM: Klobuchar is now making her acceptance speech. Congratulations, Senator!
9:20 PM: Incredible. Now seeing projections that Tim Kaine (D) will defeat George Allen (R) in Virginia. It seems unlikely that Dems will sweep the table in these tossup races, but so far, that’s what they’re doing.

9:10 PM: CBS news now calling Missouri for Claire McCaskill over Todd “legitimate rape” Akin. So far, an incredible night for Democrats in the Senate. They may well be on track to actually pick up a seat or two.

9:00 PM: The string of Democratic victories continues, as Joe Donnelly will defeat Richard Mourdock in Indiana.

8:25 PM: More good news for Dems in the Senate: Tammy Baldwin wins in Wisconsin.

8:15 PM: I’m seeing reports that NBC has called MA-SEN for Elizabeth Warren. A major win for the Democrats, and for liberals in general.

8:02 PM: KLOBUCHAR WINS! WCCO is already calling Klobuchar the winner, 2 minutes after the polls close. The only question is how large the margin will be.

7:50 PM: Polls are still open here in Minnesota, but we’ve already got a Democratic win on the East Coast. CBS is already projecting a win for Chris Murphy in Connecticut. A few months ago, this was seen as a major opportunity for the Republicans.

11:58 AM: With the polls closing in 8 hours, I think I can confidently project a Klobuchar win tonight.

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