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Vote Yes for Kids!! Our Future is At Stake!

by Alec on November 5, 2012

       Vote No Twice, then flip your ballot over and Vote Yes for Saint Paul kids. Saint Paul has a levy renewal on the ballot, along with a modest increase for technology use. The vast majority of the levy is a renewal going for early childhood education. Minnesota refuses to fully fund early childhood, so Saint Paul has to. Vote Yes For kids.

–It is easier to build healthy kids now than fix broken men later
–It is smarter, cheaper, and more humane to construct a solid ship today, than bail out a leaking ship in the middle of rough seas.

1) Because of this levy, 82% of Saint Paul kids test ready for kindergarten, compared to only 50% statewide!

2) If a poor kid cannot read by grade level in just third grade it is almost too late. They are 13 times more likely to drop out.

3) If they are prepared by 3rd grade, the playing field is more level

4) Minneapolis Federal Reserve estimates at least an $8 to $1 return on investment for early childhood.

Do you want to build strong kids for a bargain price, or fix broken men at a steep cost? The choice is easy.

As an example of how little we are asking for, St Louis Park levies $1985 per student from tax payers. St. Paul is asking for just $646 per student. St. Louis Park chooses to put their money where their mouth is, at three times the rate we are asking for.

Early Childhood is the greatest investment we can make. It is cheaper to build the ship right than fix it later in the middle of a storm.  

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