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MN-08: The Compassionate Side Of Politics

by keewatinrose on November 4, 2012

Much is written about the dog-eat-dog world of northern Minnesota politics, but rarely do we get a glimpse into the more compassionate side of politics in the Fighting 8th: the close personal relationships that are forged over working for the common good. But today long time 8th Congressional District DFL Chair Don Bye shared this very personal story:

Much has been circulated establishing why Rick Nolan is most qualified to represent our 8th District. Let me relate an added personal reason.

My wife Meg died at the end of May this year. Meg was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Determined to live as “normal” a life as possible, in 2008 she ran for legislature here in Rick’s home area. Knowing she had an uphill race, Rick offered to help. We had long known Rick and family on an enjoyable, but occasional basis.

Rick met Meg at 6:00 A.M several mornings, took her around to his coffee groups in Emily and Cross Lake, with door knocking and sign placing afterward.

When no younger candidate surfaced in 2010,Meg determined to try again. Knowing it was an uphill venture; Rick was there again with his ingratiating manner and upbeat support.

Last January we received the horrible news that Meg’s condition was hopelessly and imminently terminal. On hearing that Rick left a campaign meeting early, came to the hospital in Minneapolis and met and consoled with our whole attending family.Despite the turmoil of campaigning, Rick stayed in touch by phone and in person through Meg’s declining months.

The day after Meg died Rick interrupted campaigning to come out and sit on our porch, comforting and consoling. Days later Rick and wife canceled other campaign and family commitments to be at Meg’s funeral, and both have kept in personal touch.

That is why I’ll vote for Rick Nolan for whatever he wants to run for as long as he wants to run.

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