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Twin Cities journalists fail to cover David Hann conflict of interest story

by The Big E on October 31, 2012 · 1 comment

Sen. David Hann (R-Eden Prairie) is locked in a tight race to keep his seat against a DFL challenger Laurie McKendry. You would think that Twin Cities journalists would think that their readers, viewers and listeners would be interested that Hann has a major conflict of interest and has attempted to cover it up.

You would be wrong.

Only Fox9 and MinnPost have covered this story. Fox9 did their story Thursday, October 25 2012, the day we broke the story. MinnPost published theirs today.

Is it not newsworthy that the Chair of the Minnesota Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee sells insurance and has tried to hide this? Isn’t it scandalous that they guy who chairs the committee that oversees the insurance industry sells insurance and has hidden this fact?

What’s up with Minnesota’s paper of record, the Minneapolis Star Tribune?

What’s going on at Minnesota Public Radio?

What’s going on at WCCO?

When will Twin Cities media do their jobs and cover this story?
Here’s a Google search of the top-ranked items concerning “David Hann”. The top two stories are MinnPost and Fox9.

Bill Prendergast October 31, 2012 at 4:11 am

It’s six pm right now…

Let’s see: MPR’s top story in their “Politics” section, right now…

… is about how the DFL has more money that Republicans at the moment.

Their next story is about Clinton coming to MN to stump for Obama…

After that, they’ve got their story on the Bachmann/Graves debate, but I think running the Uptake feed for that one…

…story about how Hurricane Sandy’s messing up polls out there on the East Coast…

…and then they’re running the “Clinton in MN” story again. (I guess they really like that one.)

Nope. No story about how the head of MN Senate legislative committee on health care policy is on the payroll of private sector health insurers.

I guess they don’t follow the news as much as we do.

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